Steve Rodrigues

What qualifications do you have?

Advanced Diploma in Business Management
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management


When did you commence working at DOOLEYS?

I started working at DOOLEYS in July 2006


What position did you have when you first started?

Duty Manager


What positions are you in now and what other positions have you had since you first started?

Currently General Manager at DOOLEYS Waterview. I have previously been Duty Manager and Operations Manager.


What do you do in your current position?

Manage operation at our DOOLEYS Waterview Club


What made you decide to work at DOOLEYS?

The right opportunity came around and the right time and I took advantage of it.


What do you enjoy most about working at DOOLEYS?

It’s the people that I work with across the business that really makes a massive difference. Also, the level of support we offer the community.


What advice would you give people thinking of working at DOOLEYS?

Wonderful place to work and you can definitely make a career out of it!

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