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Get Ready For The School Holidays: Activities that Kids Will Love in Sydney

school holiday entertainment sydney
02 July 2019

The school holidays are a great opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with your children, but keeping them entertained for long periods of time isn’t always easy.


The best way to ensure your children stay occupied over the school holidays is to do some advance planning, and that involves looking around for local school holiday entertainment and activities that the kids will love. If you’re in need of some school holiday fun at clubs in Sydney, DOOLEYS has some great activities on offer. 


Check out our ideas for how to entertain your children over the school break.



Do arts and crafts

Through arts and crafts children can flex their creativity, discover new talents and relieve stress. Arts and crafts can mean painting, colouring, cutting, sticking and getting creative with recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons, greeting cards, balloons, buttons, newspapers - anything else you can think of!


You can create an arts and crafts station at home by clearing your kitchen or dining table and filling it with materials and utensils for children to use as they please. 


Another alternative is to take your children to the DOOLEYS arts and crafts party where they can learn fun arts and crafts techniques and have fun with other children their age. Check out our other school holiday events in Western Sydney today.


Have a family movie day


Another idea for how to spend the school holidays is to plan a family movie day. This is a great way to get the whole family together and to have that quality bonding time.


To have the perfect movie day at home, first, select a family movie suitable for your children, then create a cosy living area with plenty of cushions and blankets. Then, all that’s left to do is grab the popcorn, close the curtains and you’ll have your very own at-home cinema.

At DOOLEYS we are hosting fun family movie days where the whole family can enjoy blockbuster films in our comfy indoor cinema!

Get outside


The school holidays is a great excuse to get children outside and exploring nature. Organise a nature walk in a beautiful national park, explore a stunning coastal walk, or simply take your children out to the local park or swimming pool to get some exercise.


If you head out with a purpose - for example, to collect shells, to seek out certain species of bugs and plants or to follow a map - they will keep engaged and excited.


Getting outside and interacting with nature is good for children because they need fresh air and physical exercise. It’s also important for them to remain mentally stimulated in the school holidays.


Plan a treasure hunt


A treasure hunt is a great way to keep children engaged and excited through the school holidays, and it doesn’t take a lot of hard work to organise. Simply make a treasure map with clues to find things that you have hidden in the garden and let your children find them.


A treasure hunt is a good way to encourage your children to work as a team and use problem-solving skills - both skills that should be nurtured as they grow up.


Go camping


No school break is complete without a proper family camping trip, even if you just camp out in your garden! Pitch your tent, layout sheets and blankets, pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors. Your kids will love it!


You don’t need to put your children in club school holiday programs throughout the entirety of the school break - you can keep them occupied through a mixture of activities. 


If you’re looking for school holiday fun at clubs in your area, check out our kids' activities at DOOLEYS today.



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