social golf club Sydney

Social Golf Club

Meeting time

25 February, 6:30am, Woodville

Our club offers social and competitive golf.

Consider yourself a golfer and want to start up a new hobby? Why not join our social golf club conveniently located in Sydney's west.

Being a DOOLEYS Member means you can be part of our growing group of golfers. We are a social golf club and play competitively too. Our Club plays twelve (12) games each year on Saturday mornings (February to December) at Public Golf Courses. We have a BBQ and soft drinks at each game. 

Each year we organise a golf weekend away which is always a great time and enjoyed by many.

If you are looking for social golf clubs in Sydney, then we encourage you to join the DOOLEYS social golf club. We cater to all ages and skill levels, so don't be afraid to try something new!

Looking for upcoming fixtures of our social golf club here in Sydney then visit our website and join today!

If you have any further questions you can also contact DOOLEYS Reception on 8745 6100. 

DOOLEYS 2023 Fixtures

 Date  Location  Time
 14 October   Auburn  6:30am
 11 November  Woodville  6:30am
 9 December   Auburn  6:00am




DOOLEYS 2024 Fixtures

 Date  Location  Time
 3 February  Sefton  8:30am
 24 February  Woodville  7:00am
 23 March  Auburn  6:54am
 27 April  Woodville  7:30am
 25 May  Auburn  7:00am
 22 June  Woodville  7:30am
 27 July   Sefton  8:00am
 24 August  Auburn  7:15am
 21 September  Woodville  7:00am
 12 October  Auburn  7:00am
 16 November   Woodville  7:00am
 7 December   Auburn  7:00am