Regents Park Bistro
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Lunch (Mon-Sat): 12noon-2:30pm

Lunch (Sun): 12noon - 3pm

Dinner (Mon-Sat): 5pm-8.30pm

Dinner (Sun): 4pm-8.30pm

Looking to eat out in Regents Park? We've got you covered!

At Regent St Pavilion, we're dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service, unbeatable value, and a food and beverage experience that will leave you smiling. Our new menu is packed full of your classic club favourites – think Schnitzel, Battered Fish, and Steak, but also our award-winning Lamb Rump and delicious pork ribs with a homemade smoky BBQ glaze. This menu is available for lunch and dinner daily.


*All chips are gluten free. Menu subject to availability and change. Please advise staff of any allergies at time of ordering. Food may contain traces of nuts/nut extracts.Please refrain from modifications as we do not accept any responsibility for unfavourable outcomes. No guarantee is made of meals ordered separately in separate transactions being delivered at the same time.