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DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club

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Saturday 11th April 2020 7:30PM



* Terms and conditions apply. See club reception for details.

Enjoy free live entertainment every Saturday!

Every Saturday at 8.30pm enjoy a variety of entertainers in the Members Lounge.

1st         Allan Samyia Followed by Paul Fisher

6th        Mike Mathieson Duo
7th        Mandarin Band in John Meaney Room
7th        Re Groove
8th        Ian Blakeney Followed by Brian Gillett

13th      Ipanema Duo
14th      Star King Band John Meaney Room
14th      Diamond Rhythm
15th      Ron Ashton Followed by Mick Aquilina
17th      The Kilkenny Cats (6-10pm ST PATRICK'S DAY Members Lounge)
20th      Re Groove
21st      Mandarin Band John Meaney Room
21st      Ipanema Duo
22nd     Gabby Followed by Brian King
27th      The Echos
28th      Star King Band John Meaney Room
28th      Mike Mathieson Duo
29th      Danny Elliott Followed by Joanna Capetanakis

3rd        Mike Mathieson Duo
4th        Mandarin Band John Meaney Room
4th        Re Groove
4th        Jody & The Executive (2-4pm MUSICAL MEMORIES Waratah/Wattle)
5th        Allan Samyia Followed by Brian Gillett
11th      Boy Meets Girl
12th      Brian King Followed by Mick Aquilina
17th      Jo Karas Duo
18th      Mandarin Band in John Meaney Room
18th      Ipanema
19th      Ron Ashton Followed by Ian Blakeney
24th      Ipanema
25th      Matchbox Band (2-6pm ANZAC DAY Members Lounge)
25th      Mike Mathieson Duo
26th      Gabby Followed by Joanna Capetanakis


1st        Jo Karas Duo
2nd       Mandarin Band John Meaney Room
2nd       Jody & The Executive
3rd        Allan Samyia Followed by Brian King
8th        Mike Mathieson Duo
9th        Re Groove
10th      Paul Fisher (12-3pm MOTHER’S DAY Waratah/Wattle)
10th      Ron Ashton Followed by Freddy Aguilera
15th      Re Groove
16th      Mandarin Band in John Meaney Room
16th      Dimond Rhythm
17th      Brian Gillett Followed by Paul Fisher
22nd     Ipanema
23rd      Mike Mathieson Duo
24th      Gabby Followed by Mick Aquilina
29th      Sweet Talk
30th      Ipanema
31st      Di Solomon

Every fortnight enjoy a traditional performance by the Mandarin Band or Star King Band at 8.00pm in John Meaney Room.

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