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DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club

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Friday 18th June 2021 8:00PM


Entertainment is FREE

* Terms and conditions apply. See club reception for details.

Our Winter Entertainment line up is here! 

Catch all your favourite artists and exciting new talents LIVE at DOOLEYS Lidcombe. 

Bring the entire family to enjoy an incredible day out with food, fun, family and music.

Lidcombe Members Lounge

 June 2021     
 Friday 4 June  8pm-12am  Ipanema
 Saturday 5 June  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Friday 11 June  8pm-12am  Jono & Bono
 Saturday 12 June  8pm-12am  Mike Mathieson Duo
 Friday 18 June  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Saturday 19 June  8pm-12am  Ipanema
 Friday 25 June  8pm-12am  Mike Mathieson Duo
 Saturday 26 June



 Afternoon at The Opera (Joey Fimano)

 Everyday People Feature Band

 July 2021    
 Friday 2 July  8pm-12am  Ipanema
 Saturday 3 July  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Friday 9 July  8pm-12am  Jodie & The Executives
 Saturday 10 July  8pm-12am  Mike Mathieson Duo
 Friday 16 July  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Saturday 17 July  8pm-12am  Goan Brothers
 Friday 23 July  8pm-12am  Blakeney/Fisher Duo
 Saturday 24 July  8pm-12am  Ipanema
 Friday 30 July  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Saturday 31 July  8pm-12am  Mandarin Feature Band
 August 2021    
 Friday 6 August  8pm-12am  Ipanema
 Saturday 7 August  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Friday 13 August  8pm-12am  Boy Meets Girl
 Saturday 14 August  8pm-12am  Mike Mathieson Duo
 Friday 20 August  8pm-12am  Re Groove
 Saturday 21 August  8pm-12am  Ipanema
 Friday 27 August  8pm-12am  Mike Mathieson Duo
 Saturday 28 August  8pm-12am  FABBA Showband

Three Lanterns Bar

 June 2021  
 Friday 4 June  Jim Pennell
 Saturday 5 June  Geoff Laing
 Friday 11 June  Monique Lysiak
 Saturday 12 June  Mary Towers
 Friday 18 June  Peter Locke
 Saturday 19 June  Geoff Laing
 Friday 25 June  Monique Lysiak
 Saturday 26 June  Mary Towers
 July 2021  
 Friday 2 July  Jim Pennnell
 Saturday 3 July  Geoff Tremelling
 Friday 9 July  Geoff Laing
 Saturday 10 July  Mary Towers
 Friday 16 July  Peter Locke
 Saturday 17 July  Geoff Laing
 Friday 23 July  Monique Lysiak
 Saturday 24 July  Mary Towers
 Friday 30 July  Jim Pennell
 Saturday 31 July  Monique Lysiak
 August 2021  
 Friday 6 August  Mary Towers
 Saturday 7 August  Mary Towers
 Friday 13 August  Geoff Tremelling
 Saturday 14 August  Geoff Laing
 Friday 20 August  Peter Locke
 Saturday 21 August  Geoff Laing
 Friday 27 August  Monique Lysiak
 Saturday 28 August  Jim Pennell

 *All Three Lanterns Bar performances are from 5pm-8pm


Please note: Entertainment is subject to change due various factors.

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