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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lloyd’s Bistro Casual Dining At DOOLEYS

Lloyds Bistro
16 March 2022

Lloyd’s Bistro is a casual dining restaurant that has become an iconic part of DOOLEYS Lidcombe. It’s popular with club members and guests and people of all ages. Many people not only consider it to be the best place for casual dining in Lidcombe, but the best casual dining experience in Western Sydney.

Let’s take a look at some popular reasons to visit Lloyd’s Bistro for casual dining any day or evening of the week or weekend.

#1 - Casual Dining Is the Best Experience

Aussies love casual dining restaurants because of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You receive fantastic service, excellent food and get to dine in an environment that’s completely comfortable. When you visit Lloyd’s Bistro at DOOLEYS Lidcombe, this is exactly the kind of experience you and your friends or family will enjoy. When you go out to eat, you don’t want the vibe to feel uncomfortable or too formal. You just want to be able to unwind, enjoy a great meal, a few drinks, conversation and a few laughs. Casual dining is all about that and it’s one of the reasons Lloyd’s Bistro has proven to be so popular.

#2 - Top Quality Food At Prices Everyone Can Afford

When you go out to dinner you not only want to be treated to delicious food prepared by quality chefs and kitchen staff, but you also want to know that the prices are fair and reasonable. It’s not just about value for money either. The more affordable the prices, the more often you’ll be able to dine out in that restaurant, or the more people you can take along with you, such as your family. Lloyd’s Bistro is well renowned for serving up sumptuous dishes of the highest quality but at prices everyone can afford. In fact, the restaurant offers some of the best value in the entire area. These days, if you can enjoy a main meal of exceptional quality for around the $20 mark, then that’s amazing value.

#3 - The Menu Has Something for Everyone

The menu at Lloyd’s Bistro offers up a variety of dining options, whether it be for entrees, main meals, snacks or dessert. It’s a classic menu that has something for everyone, including a special menu just for kids. As a very quick snapshot, you can choose from:

  • Salads
  • Pasta
  • Roast of the Day
  • Seafood
  • Steaks
  • Lamb dishes
  • Pizza
  • And much more...

There is definitely something on the Lloyd’s Bistro menu to suit everyone’s taste buds. You’ll be wanting to come back for more, again and again.

#4 - Lloyd’s Bistro Is a Family-Friendly Restaurant

The cool thing about casual dining restaurants like Lloyd’s Bistro is they are family-friendly environments, which makes this restaurant the perfect venue for a family dining experience. With this in mind, you might want to keep Lloyd’s Bistro in mind next time you’re celebrating a birthday in the family or some other special occasion. If the kids don’t fancy something on the main menu, they can select from classic favourites on the children’s menu, such as crumbed chicken and chips, fish and chips, or a cheese burger and chips. Lloyd’s Bistro caters to people of all ages.

#5 - It’s Located In DOOLEYS Lidcombe Club

If you’re going to go out for the evening for some drinks and entertainment, then you’ll want to have a good feed first. As Lloyd’s Bistro is a part of DOOLEYS Lidcombe, you can sit down and enjoy a fantastic meal earlier in the evening before heading into the club to down some of your favourite beverages. It’s all about convenience, as you don’t have to then travel from a restaurant to a venue to have some drinks and be entertained. Everything you need for a fantastic and memorable night out is basically all under the one roof at Lloyd’s Bistro and DOOLEYS Lidcombe.

Visit DOOLEYS Lidcombe Today

If you’ve never sampled the delicious food and great service at Lloyd’s Bistro, then now is the time to give the restaurant a try. Once you do, you’ll definitely come back again and again. Visit DOOLEYS Lidcombe today, or give us a call if you require any further information.

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