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Check Out Every Special Meal Offered by DOOLEYS Regents Park!

Meals offered at DOOLEYS Regents Park
18 February 2022

DOOLEYS Regents Park is not only a popular social and entertainment hub in the area but also a fantastic venue to enjoy casual dining at very affordable prices.

The Dining Restaurant & Bistro offers up some of the best meals in Western Sydney, so you won’t want to miss out. Quality and experienced chefs create and prepare every delicious dish, from entrees, to main meals, including Aussie classics. Venture into DOOLEYS Regents Park and enjoy lunch or dinner with your family or a group of friends or work colleagues.

Let’s now take a look at some of the awesome meals that are on the menu at the Dining Restaurant & Bistro at DOOLEYS Regents Park.

Check Out These Weekly Specials

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Dining Restaurant & Bistro, there are special meals you can purchase for a mere $13 each. That’s fantastic value. Let’s take a look at what they are, so you can choose your favourite day to dine out at DOOLEYS Regents Park and take advantage of these fantastic, delicious offers.


Chicken Parmigiana is the meal special every Monday. Diners can enjoy a delicious chicken schnitzel, drizzled with a topping of Napolitano sauce, accompanied by finely sliced ham and cheese. Chicken Parmigiana pairs well with fries and salad and that’s exactly what you get when you order this special Monday meal deal.


The Fish Burger is the special meal of the day on Tuesdays. While a traditional beef laden hamburger has always been popular, it’s nice to break the monotony with something different and our fish burger truly delivers. Your battered fish fillet is served up on a brioche bun and is accompanied by layers of tomato, lettuce and pickles, topped off with a tartare sauce. All fish burgers are served with a side of fries.


Lemon Butter Perch will definitely liven up your taste buds and have your mouth watering on Wednesdays. Your perch fillet is baked and not fried, making it an even healthier choice for lunch or dinner. The fish is lightly crisped on the outside and deliciously moist on the inside. A lemon butter sauce garnishes the fish and your meal also comes with mashed potato and steamed vegetables.


A tantalising Chicken and Avocado Open Sandwich is Thursday’s offering for just $13. Your grilled chicken fillet is accompanied by lettuce, Spanish onion, tomato, avocado and aioli and is served on fresh garlic Turkish bread. The sandwich is paired with a serving of hot chips to complete the meal.

The Dining Restaurant & Bistro Main Menu

Of course, the 4 weekly specials mentioned above are not all that is on offer at the Dining Restaurant & Bistro at DOOLEYS Regents Park. Whenever you decide to enjoy lunch or dinner at the restaurant, you can choose from a variety of fantastic options on the regular menu.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Starters and Entrees

The entree selections on any menu would hardly be complete without classic garlic bread, so you’ll be happy to note that it’s included on the Dining Restaurant & Bistro menu, along with chips and salt & pepper calamari. You also have the option of both medium and large size servings for entrees and many dishes featured on the menu.

From the Grill

Steak and Barramundi are the main features of this section of the menu. You can choose either a 220 gram rump steak or 220 gram scotch fillet steak with a sauce of your choosing. Sauce options include mushroom, pepper, gravy and Diane sauce. The rump steak comes with chips and salad while the scotch fillet steak is accompanied by seasonal vegetables and roasted garlic mash.

If fish is more to your liking, then Australia’s iconic Barramundi is cooked to perfection. It’s topped with a herb butter sauce and fresh lemon and is served with seasonal greens and a delectable chive mash.


The classics menu makes up the major portion of the menu at the Dining Restaurant & Bistro and the options truly are popular Aussie classics. Let’s take a look at the choices.

No classics menu in this country would be authentic without the inclusion of the iconic steak sandwich. A 120 gram scotch fillet steak is the mainstay of this classic. Served on toasted Turkish garlic bread, the steak is topped with tomato, lettuce and onion and is served with chips.

Fish and chips is another Aussie classic. Enjoy battered fish fillets, along with chips and salad and tartare sauce for added flavour.

Roast of the day is always a favourite. You’ll get to savour your roast meat with steamed vegetables and a crusty bread roll. Of course, you can have your roast meal topped off with gravy if you choose to.

The fisherman’s basket comes with calamari, crumbed prawn cutlets, tempura fish bites, scallops, along with chips and a fresh salad. Adding even more flavour is a tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon. You can’t go wrong with a fisherman’s basket and it pairs well with a beer or glass of wine.

A classic chicken schnitzel will always get the mouth watering and you’re sure to love this one. Cooked to perfection, enjoy your chicken schnitzel with salad, chips and a delicious gravy topping.

How about a smokey BBQ beef burger to fill the gap when your stomach is grumbling? Your beef pattie is smothered in smokey BBQ sauce. Bacon, cheese, lettuce and pickles top your burger pattie and everything is wedged inside a fresh brioche bun. Once again, your burger is served with hot chips for a complete meal. The oven baked chicken will get your taste buds dancing on your tongue. Savour a chicken supreme with sides of steamed vegetables, mashed potato and a seeded mustard sauce. Everyone will adore this dish.

What about a delicious mushroom risotto made with creamy arborio rice, loaded with exotic porcini and Swiss mushrooms? This tasty risotto is garnished with shaved parmesan cheese, with spinach and truffle oil added to take the flavours to another level.

The warm lamb & noodle salad is also another popular addition to the classics menu. Seared lamb rump with tossed noodles makes up the main portion of this dish, along with cherry tomato, Spanish onion, mixed herbs, cucumber and a sweet chilli dressing to complete the salad.

Spaghetti Gamberetti finishes off the classic menu. Enjoy prawns, bacon, the goodness of olive oil and garlic, garnished with shaved parmesan cheese.

Children’s Meals

It’s always great to have a children’s menu included, just in case the little ones don’t fancy the main menu choices. The kid’s menu at the Dining Restaurant & Bistro includes two classics. Kids can choose from either chicken nuggets and chips or fish and chips. You usually can’t go wrong with these two choices.

As you can see, there are some fantastic options on the menu to suit everyone’s tastes and it’s also important to note that all chips served are gluten-free. Everything on the menu is seasonal, organic and made from the freshest ingredients. The environment is casual dining for your comfort and the prices are so affordable that you can dine out at the Dining Restaurant & Bistro often.

Why Casual Dining Is the Best

A casual dining restaurant is designed to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while at the same time, offering awesome food at prices just about everyone can afford. Casual dining is the perfect experience when you want to celebrate a special occasion too with your friends or family, such as a birthday or other significant milestone.

Most casual dining restaurants offer table service, high quality food and a menu that’s varied and offers something for everyone, including the kids. Casual dining restaurants are family-friendly and are usually either licensed to sell alcohol or allow BYO.

When you venture out for dinner, you want to know that you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere that’s friendly and chilled out, without feeling uncomfortable or stuffy. Australians tend to favour casual dining for the very reasons mentioned in this section.

At DOOLEYS Regents Park, our Dining Restaurant & Bistro has been designed to offer the ultimate casual dining experience, so people of all ages can enjoy a great meal out. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, you’ll always have an awesome time out when you choose a casual dining restaurant.

DOOLEYS Clubs - The Place To Be for Awesome Casual Dining

DOOLEYS Regents Park is a fantastic venue for entertainment as well as dining options. Likewise, if you’re looking for top meals to taste in Lidcombe, head on into DOOLEYS Lidcombe and check out Lloyd’s Bistro.

DOOLEYS Clubs are fun places to hang out any day or night of the week. We are family-friendly and there is always something going on to entertain our members and guests, from live entertainment to hosting regular raffles. To learn more about our upcoming events, dining and entertainment options, just get in touch and have a chat with a member of our friendly staff.

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