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'Flavors of the World' is the event and you shouldn't miss it at DOOLEYS Lidcombe

flavours of the world special
17 February 2022

DOOLEYS Lidcombe is often hosting events to be savoured and all during the month of February, you can treat your taste buds to some of the most delicious food the culinary world has to offer diners. It’s often said that food is life and enjoying a variety of different cuisines is even better.

February is “Flavours of the World” month at DOOLEYS Lidcombe. So, if you want to experience one of the best cuisine events in Western Sydney, get on into DOOLEYS Lidcombe during February.

Cuisine From 4 Different Countries Is On Offer

Each week during the 4 weeks of February, Lloyd’s Bistro will be featuring authentic and delicious meals from 4 different countries.

What’s on offer each week?

  • Week 1 - Chinese Cuisine
  • Week 2 - Filipino
  • Week 3 - Indian
  • Week 4 - Greek

Talented and highly skilled chefs will be preparing the menus each week, delivering delectable meals that will sure to have everyone coming back for seconds or thirds over the course of the month. This is truly an event not to be missed.

1 - 7 February Is Chinese Week

Chinese food has been popular in Australia for as long as anyone can remember. These days, there are restaurants and menus featuring cuisine from all over China. At Lloyd’s Bistro in DOOLEYS Lidcombe, you can experience the very best of Chinese flavours, all in the one venue.

The first week of Flavours of the World month will certainly feature something to suit everyone’s taste buds, so bring the entire family along to enjoy a healthy and delicious Chinese meal together during the first week of February. It’s a great way to kick off the month.

8 - 14 February Features Filipino Food

Although Filipino cuisine may not be quite as well known in Australia as Chinese, there are some delectable meals being served up from this popular South-East Asian nation during week 2. Like many Asian cultures, Filipinos have a love for fish and seafood, along with chicken and pork dishes being an integral part of their dining culture. A staple dish from this part of the world is Adobo, usually made from either chicken or pork and featuring a savoury source.

If you enjoy Filipino food or even if you’ve never had the chance to try it, you’ll want to venture on down to Lloyd’s Bistro for Week 2 of Flavours of the World. You may just discover your new favourite cuisine.

15 - 21 February You Can Enjoy Indian

Indian food is known to be extremely flavoursome and spicy but not all Indian dishes leave your mouth on fire. There are mild dining options as well, so Indian week will have something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds, young or old.

Whether you opt for a classic Indian curry like a beef vindaloo or something more sedate like the traditional butter chicken accompanied by naan bread, you’ll be doing your taste buds a huge favour if you visit DOOLEYS Lidcombe and Lloyd’s Bistro for Week 3 of February.

22 - 28 February Is Greek Week

Greek week kicks off on 22 February during Flavours of the World month and feasting on traditional and authentic Greek cuisine if a fantastic way to finish off this tasty event. Experience the unique flavours of the Mediterranean and when it comes to Greek cuisine, variety is truly the spice of life.

Whether you fancy a plate featuring different finger food to sample or a classic Greek main meal, you and your family and friends will have a fantastic time while dining at Lloyd’s Bistro during the final week of February. You’ll almost believe you’re dining out on one of the Greek Islands as you savour the fantastic menu the chefs will prepare for your enjoyment.

Don’t Miss Out! Savour the Flavours At DOOLEYS Lidcombe

Flavours of the World is one of the best food events in Lidcombe, so be sure not to miss out on this smorgasbord of international cuisine during the entire month of February. For more information about this event and others at DOOLEYS Lidcombe, either check out our website or give us a call and chat with our friendly staff.

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