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International Women's Day Q&A - Brittany Mckenzie

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05 March 2021

Ahead of International Women's Day on Monday 8 March 2021, we did a short Q&A with some of the incredible women within our workforce to understand what this day means to them, how other women have inspired them and what we as a society can do to progress towards a gender equal world. 

Featured below are the responses of Brittany Mckenzie - Customer Service Manager at DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club.

What does International Women’s Day and this year’s slogan #ChooseToChallenge mean to you?

This years slogan is all about promoting everyone to have the courage to step up and speak out. So often as individuals and as a society we become complacent about things that we know are unjust. However in today's modern world there is so much more opportunity to share an opinion, raise awareness and build support to help call out inequality and start the difficult conversations that are required to promote real positive change. The slogan also challenged everyone to acknowledge the successes of women around the world and within local communities and celebrate the efforts, commitments and goals set and achieved. International Women’s Day is built around raising the issues surrounding gender inequality and bias and this year we are all  asked to do our part and be part of the movement to create a more open and inclusive world. 

Which women have supported or inspired you in your career path?

I am constantly inspired by the women around me. My mother is a huge inspiration as a women who cared for and raised me. She picked me up each time I fell and constantly strived to ensure I had all the best opportunities. She is the constant voice in my head telling me I can do more and be more which inspired me to grow, challenge and develop myself every day. As someone who found a career passion herself later in life she has been a true example of how valuable it is to find something you love to do and how it impacts you. This is why I strive to always be doing work I love and am passionate about. Within my current career progression I am constantly supported by strong female leaders and colleagues and take great pride in being part of their team. My recent change in role allows me to work even closer with a female leader in the business I have admired and observed for years while also introducing me to new opportunities to work side by side a diverse female team. As a group we all bring forward our own strengths and passions to help drive position change within our business. I humbled by the opportunity to also have front row seats to watching some amazing new female leaders begin to build their careers and am constantly amazed by the strength and resilience they have shown as we have navigated an extremely challenging year. 

In your opinion, what can we as a society do to progress towards a Gender Equal world?

In order to progress society must first acknowledge its short falls. This is why this year's slogan is so powerful as only through challenging a norm can we hope to create opportunity for positive change. We need to use our individual and collective voices to drive the change, have the difficult conversations and forge a new progressive path forward where we don’t just see the exterior but recognise what lies beneath as we are all equal and deserve to be seen as equals. We as a society need to learn from the past and ensure the same mistakes regarding gender bias are not made moving in the future.

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