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Learn Everything About the Giveaway of $75,000 at DOOLEYS Clubs

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16 February 2022

Would you like to claim your share of a cool $75k? Well, that’s exactly what could be waiting for you at the DOOLEYS Clubs Major Draw night! 

This is one of the best giveaway events in Lidcombe and in this post, you’ll discover how you can be a part of all the fun and excitement. What is a giveaway event that you know of that’s as awesome as this one in Western Sydney?

How It Works

To win the jackpot prize, it’s important to note that you must be present at the draw, which takes place on Wednesday 23 February at 9.00pm. It doesn’t matter which DOOLEYS venue you happen to be at, so long as you’re present at one of our 3 clubs at the time.

Entering for your chance to win the grand prize and regular minor draws is easy. All you have to do is swipe your membership card when making purchases. This applies to DOOLEYS Lidcombe, DOOLEYS Regents Park and Bar and Grill Waterview. Each time you make purchases on food and beverages, when the total reaches $25, you’ll receive one entry into the draw.

The weekly jackpot draws for minor prizes take place each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at DOOLEYS Lidcombe at 8.00pm. In the event that these prizes are not claimed, the prize money will jackpot.

This is an exciting and lucrative event that members won’t want to miss out on and is yet another fantastic reason to socialise at DOOLEYS Clubs. Imagine if you’re the lucky winner of the grand jackpot prize and get to walk away with a cool seventy-five grand on the night. You’ll feel like a lotto winner.

What would you do if you won? Buy a new car? Pay off some bills? Take a holiday? Invest the money? Save it?

The choice is entirely yours to make. Just remember that you have to be present at one of our three clubs at 9pm on 23 February to claim the jackpot prize if your ticket is drawn.

Other Ways You Can Win Prizes at DOOLEYS Clubs

DOOLEYS Clubs is always having regular giveaways. The $75k Major Draw is not the only game in town when it comes to our venues.

Each week, there are regular raffle draws, where you can get 50 entries into the draw for a spend of just $5. You can win food and beverage vouchers, delicious meat trays that you can cook up on your barbecue and other prizes.

DOOLEYS Lidcombe is the place to be for regular raffle draws, which take place every Friday and Sunday evenings. Tickets go on sale at 5pm with the raffle draw happening at 6pm.

Regular bingo events also take place and your first bingo booklet is totally free. Additional booklets can be purchased for a mere $6. $5 drink vouchers and $25 food and beverage vouchers are up for grabs at each bingo event. You could even win a fantastic grocery hamper.

If you want to try your hand at bingo, venture into DOOLEYS Lidcombe every Monday and Thursday. The games commence at 11.30am and run for two hours. The only occasions when bingo is not held is if a Monday or Thursday happens to be a public holiday.

DOOLEYS Clubs - The Place To Be

Whether you choose to visit DOOLEYS Lidcombe, DOOLEYS Regents Park or Bar and Grill Waterview, there is always something happening at DOOLEYS Clubs, including your chance to win some awesome prizes every week; like our $75,000 giveaway.

No matter which venue is the closest or your favourite, you’ll always find excellent dining options at each of our three clubs, so treat the family out to dinner and then enjoy a few cold beverages while watching live entertainment.

To discover more of what’s on at DOOLEYS Clubs, either browse our website regularly or give us a call to learn more. You may also want to consider becoming a member if you haven’t done so already, as there are numerous benefits to having a DOOLEYS Membership Card.

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