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Why Should You Visit Events like Raffles and Bingo at DOOLEYS Club?

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31 January 2022

DOOLEYS Club in Sydney’s West is quite famous in the local area for its fantastic raffles, as well as its bingo sessions. These are some of the best events in Lidcombe and you’ll soon discover why.

Learn why you should enter the raffles and play bingo at DOOLEYS, as well as being aware of when these events are held and other great things happening at DOOLEYS Club on any day or night of the week.

The Benefits of DOOLEYS Bingo and Raffle Events

While there are many different social events at DOOLEYS Club, our raffle and bingo events are two of the most popular and here’s why.

One of the biggest draw cards are all of the great prizes that are up for grabs. Some of the raffles have up to $1000 in prizes to be won and at certain times of the year we will host a major draw raffle that promises even greater rewards. You can even win fantastic meat trays that you can then cook up on your home barbecue the next day. Bingo features food and beverage vouchers to be won, or you could even walk away with an amazing grocery hamper.

Entering the raffles or playing bingo doesn’t cost patrons much, and that’s another reason for the immense popularity of the two events. As far as the raffles go, just a mere $5 gets you 50 chances. With bingo, your first booklet is free and you’ll only pay $6 for additional booklets.

Both the bingo events and raffle draws are social events that are filled with excitement. There’s no need to sit at home bored with nothing to do. You can come on down to DOOLEYS Club and enjoy a few drinks, discount meal deals and indulge in a few rounds of bingo or wait for the raffle draw to commence.

Let’s now highlight when you can currently participate in either bingo or one of our great raffles.

Thursday Bingo

Join in all the fun and excitement each Thursday at the Upper Quarter at DOOLEYS Lidcombe Club. Bingo kicks off at 11.30 am and winds up at 1.30 pm and as mentioned, your very first bingo booklet is free of charge. If you prefer to play on an iPad, you can rent one for $6, or alternatively purchase more bingo booklets for that price.

Bingo On Mondays

If Thursday doesn’t suit you, bingo is also held on Mondays during the same time slot of 11.30 am - 1.30 pm. Once again, the prices for playing are exactly the same as with Thursday bingo and don’t forget, your first booklet costs nothing.

Be in line to win food and beverage vouchers, a food hamper, $5 drink vouchers and even a lucky draw prize.

If a Thursday or a Monday happens to be a public holiday, bingo events will not be held.

Friday Raffles At DOOLEYS Lidcombe

What better way to end the work week than by winning one of our fantastic raffles. It could be a meat tray, cash, food and beverage vouchers and more.

As was mentioned earlier, all you need to do is invest just $5 and this will give you 50 tickets in the raffle draw. Tickets go on sale at 5 pm and the raffle draw takes place at 6 pm.

While you’re there, take advantage of food and beverage specials at Lloyd’s Bistro and the John Street Cafe.

Sunday Is Also Raffle Fun Day

On Sundays, raffles take place in the Member’s Lounge. Once more, $1000 worth of prizes is up for grabs. The same price applies to the Sunday raffle, where $5 gets you 50 tickets in the draw. Tickets go on sale at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, with the draw happening at 6 pm.

There Is Always Something Happening At DOOLEYS Clubs

Of course, bingo and raffle events are not the only things happening at DOOLEYS Clubs. There is always something to look forward to every day or evening of the week and weekend. Just keep an eye on our website for what’s coming up, or give us a call and have a chat with one of our staff members. DOOLEYS is the place to be for fun and entertainment.

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