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Providing a safe environment

One of our most important roles on a day to day basis is safety. DOOLEYS provides a safe environment for all our Members, Guests and staff as well as providing a secure perimeter that allows DOOLEYS to assist law enforcement officers when necessary. DOOLEYS is also committed to the ongoing development and maintenance of our facilities and services.

This means, we maintain:

  • Accessible and relevant facilities, available for the enjoyment of all patrons
  • High quality security systems and well trained personnel, parking and lighting facilities
  • Robust exclusion procedures to address problem gambling, alcohol or other patron behaviour issues
  • An active responsible service of alcohol program including an RSA committee and RSA coordinators
  • Actively participate in the local liquor accord
  • Clear rehearsed procedures in the event of an emergency
  • Ongoing staff development and training such as bomb threat, first aid, evacuation, fire warden and in the use of fire fighting equipment

Comprehensive Workplace Health & Safety Programs and Procedures including a safety week every quarter.


Workplace Health and Safety
We show our utmost respect and care for our employees through consultation and unwavering focus on workplace health and safety:

  • It forms an integral part of the induction training for all new staff
  • All staff undertake 6 monthly online armed robbery training and as well as the recent launch of online anti-bullying online training that will also occur on a 6 monthly basis
  • Data is gathered and analysed on a monthly basis to highlight DOOLEYS specific workplace health and safety needs and the training is updated accordingly
  • The DOOLEYS WHS Committee holds monthly meetings and all staff are reminded of their responsibility to report incidents and near misses.