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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Lawn Bowls Club

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06 August 2020

There are advantages to joining any type of sporting or social club and lawn bowls is no exception. It can be a fantastic way to meet new people, learn some new skills and enjoy some fresh air. Lawn bowls is one of the most iconic sports in Australia and it has been enjoyed by multiple millions around the globe for centuries. In fact, there are indications that a version of the sport was being played as far back as 5000 BC.

This article will focus on some top reasons why you should consider taking up lawn bowls and joining a club, so let’s get started.

1. Lawn Bowls Is Not Just for the Elderly

Years ago there was a stigma attached to lawn bowls, particularly in Australia. Younger people assumed you only took up the sport when you were too old to play anything else. True, lawn bowls have always been popular with seniors, but in the modern world, even teenagers are having a go and everyone in between.
Lawn bowls is a relaxed and technical sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so don’t let age stand in your way. Enjoy some lawn bowls today.
2. You’ll Make Loads of New Friends

Social outdoor bowls clubs are all about getting together with other like-minded people and participating in a fun sport. Because of the very diverse age group that now plays lawn bowls, you’ll make awesome new friends, both young and old.
Not only will you meet new people while out on the bowling green, but you can socialise with them inside the club as well; where you can have a few beers or enjoy a meal together. All social clubs give you access to meeting new people. Sporting clubs are no exception.
3. Learn New Skills and Have Fun

While lawn bowls isn’t a physically challenging sport by any means, it can be a very skilled and technical one. At a glance, it might look relatively easy, but when you actually play the game, it’s much harder than it appears.
So, if you think you won’t be challenged enough when you take up this sport, think again.
You’ll learn some great new skills when you indulge in one of Australia’s favourite past-times and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. At the end of the day, having a good time is the name of the game.
4. If You’re Competitive You Can Join Tournaments

Not everyone who participates in lawn bowls wants to get competitive and serious about it, but if that’s your mindset, then there are plenty of competitions and tournaments to get involved in to pit your skills against other serious players.
Naturally, you’ll want to master the game a little before you take that step, but the option is there if you want to become a more ‘professional’ player and take the game seriously.
5. There Are Health Benefits

For starters, if you’re playing outdoor bowls, you are getting some fresh air and sunshine. This is always good for your health, so long as you wear some sun protection.
Lawn bowls help improve your coordination and self-esteem, as it’s mentally stimulating as much as physically.
Although it’s far from being a high-octane, strenuous sport, it’ll still help improve your fitness levels, joint mobility and flexibility the more you play. This is one reason it’s always been so popular with seniors.
Because it’s a low-impact form of exercise, lawn bowls are kind to the muscles and joints whilst still getting some form of exercise in.
Social Outdoor Bowls Regents Park

When it comes to playing outdoor lawn bowls, Sydney has many options. To find a club in your area, simply do an online search for ‘lawn bowls club Sydney’ and you’ll get some possibilities.
If you’re located in the Western Suburbs and you’re looking for a quality lawns bowls club in and around Regents Park, then consider joining DOOLEYS Social Club. We offer some of the best lawn bowls facilities in Western Sydney and we’re always welcoming new members. So, drop in today and have a chat with our friendly staff.

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