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Authentic Vietnamese Pho Noodles That You Want To Slurp On

Vincents Noodle House
07 December 2021

Vietnamese cuisine has literally skyrocketed in popularity all over Australia in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this, from healthy food choices through to delicious dishes such as Vietnamese pho noodles.

Vietnamese noodle dishes have become famous, which is one of the reasons why so many Aussies, and especially diners living in the Sydney area, have been going in droves to their nearest Vietnamese pho restaurant.

This article is going to be taking a closer look at Vietnamese restaurants, Vietnamese cuisine, the popularity of pho noodles and why you should choose to dine out at Vincent’s Noodle House in Lidcombe the next time you fancy eating Vietnamese food.

What Are Pho Noodles?

As we’ve already established, pho noodles are an ingredient in a very popular and delicious form of Vietnamese soup. The soup generally contains pho noodles, broth, rice, herbs and meat. The meat is usually beef or chicken. Pho noodles are widely considered Vietnam’s national dish.

Remarkably, pho noodles themselves haven’t been around all that long, having been developed in the early part of the twentieth century in Northern Vietnam. One of the main ways these particular noodles became popularised globally (including in Australia) was via Vietnamese refugees fleeing the country during the Vietnam War.

There are technically two types of pho noodles in Vietnam itself. You have the northern variety in Hanoi and the southern variety in Saigon. The width of the noodles differ and the sweetness of the broth and the herbs used in making pho noodle soup also differs somewhat between the two regions.

The noodles themselves are made from rice flour rather than wheat flour. This gives pho noodles their distinctive flavour and texture and sets them apart from all the popular pasta dishes you find in many Aussie restaurants and homes.

Are Pho Noodles and Ramen Noodles the Same?

Another extremely popular noodle dish in modern times is Korean ramen noodles. Both ramen and pho have developed a healthy popularity among diners, but are they the same or do they differ?

Both tend to come in a broth filled with flavour. Both the noodles themselves and the ingredients of the soup are quite similar. One of the main differences is that of the noodles. While pho noodles are made from rice flour, ramen noodles (of  Japanese origin) are traditionally made from wheat flour.

Pho noodles tend to be quite soft and translucent in colour, whereas ramen noodles are more opaque and somewhat chewy in texture. The broth in pho soup is often quite clear, while ramen broth tends to be darker and cloudy.

Typical Vietnamese Dishes That Contain Pho Noodles

Realistically, pho noodles can be included in practically any Vietnamese dish. Not only are they popular in soup dishes, but they can be added to a stir fry or be used as a tasty side dish to accompany meat and vegetables. Noodles of any variety are very versatile and it’s the same with Vietnamese pho noodles.

When it comes to pho soups, the beef variety tends to be the most popular, although you can really have any type of meat in pho noodle soup. Chicken is also extremely popular, as is pork. Egg is another ingredient that’s quite popular in a pho noodle soup.

As far as the toppings go, Vietnamese love herbs and spices for their soup dishes. Basil, mint leaves and Jalapenos are very popular toppings for pho noodle soup.

If you don’t fancy eating soup, you can always opt for one of the equally delicious fried noodle dishes. These may include ingredients like:

  • Beef and vegetable
  • Seafood and vegetable
  • Fresh prawns and vegetable
  • Fresh fish and vegetable
  • Chicken and vegetable
  • Combinations
  • Stir fry beef or chicken
  • And more...

You can also sample a tasty dried egg and rice noodle dish for yet another way of eating Vietnamese pho noodles.

Pho noodles are just one ingredient that makes Vietnamese cuisine so popular in Australia. Another is the enormous variety of tasty dishes you can find in most Vietnamese restaurants. The menus are expansive and there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds, including the kids.

From entrees to soups to mains to extras, Vietnamese cuisine will have your palate dancing with joy.

Vietnamese Cuisine - Some of the World's Healthiest Food

It’s becoming a well-known fact that Vietnamese food is considered to be among some of the healthiest cuisines in the world, which gives you even more reason to book in for a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant the next time you decide to dine out. These days, many Aussies are focused on eating a healthy diet, so it’s good to know that when you do eat out at a Vietnamese restaurant, you’re doing something good for your body.

Let’s take a quick look at just why Vietnamese cuisine is some of the world’s healthiest.

Many of the soups and salads that make up a typical Vietnamese menu are packed with antioxidants. We all know antioxidants help to fight free radicals in our bodies and prevent disease, but did you know that antioxidants can also help keep you looking younger?

The vitamin-rich nature of many Vietnamese dishes ensures you get a healthy serve of essential vitamins and minerals with every meal, which leads to good health and boosts your immune system. The fresh herbs loaded into many Vietnamese dishes also helps with digestion.

Most Vietnamese dishes are low in calories and fats and oils. This is great news if you’re watching your waistline, or you just want to keep your intake of unhealthy fats and oils to a minimum to control those cholesterol levels.

Vietnamese cuisine ticks all the boxes when it comes to overall health and nutrition. Keep this in mind next time you decide to go out for dinner.

Mouth-Watering Vietnamese Cuisine in Lidcombe - Vincent's Noodle House

If you happen to reside in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, then you’re in luck. Vincent’s Noodle House is part of DOOLEYS, a social and entertainment club in Lidcombe. Vincent’s Noodle House offers up some of the very best Vietnamese cuisine in all of Sydney. If you want to start slurping on some mouth-watering pho noodles, Vincent’s Noodle House is the place to be.

If you browse the menu at Vincent’s Noodle House, you’ll discover just how many delectable dishes there are available. If you’re already a fan of Vietnamese food, you’ll be happy to see that many of your favourites are on the menu.

Some of the best pho noodle dishes in Sydney’s West are available in this quality Lidcombe Vietnamese Restaurant, which is one of the reasons it’s become so popular with locals and visitors alike.

Another thing you’ll be happy to note is that the prices for everything on the menu at Vincent’s Noodle House are all very reasonable, which means you can afford to take the entire family out for a meal there. The restaurant offers a casual dining atmosphere with full table service, accompanied by all of your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

With the recent Covid pandemic, if you’re concerned about safety in a Vietnamese restaurant in Lidcombe, then you can rest easy when you visit Vincent’s Noodle House. All the necessary safety precautions are in place to ensure the health and safety of both the customers and the staff.

So, take a journey and experience the culture of Vietnam by dining out at Vincent’s Noodle House in Lidcombe, Western Sydney.

Dine Out and Have a Great Time At DOOLEYS Lidcombe 

If you visit DOOLEYS social and entertainment club in Lidcombe, fantastic dining at Vincent’s Noodle House will not be your only pleasure. For dining and cafe options you also have Lloyd’s Bistro, Three Lanterns Bar, 8 Dragons Restaurant and John Street Cafe.

Inside DOOLEYS Clubs, you’ll be treated to live entertainment, special events and fun bingo nights, all while you kick back and enjoy your favourite beverages. DOOLEYS is a family-friendly club, so the little ones are welcome to come along as well and often special events are held just for the kids. DOOLEYS is a fun place to be for everyone, any day or night of the week.

If you want to find out what’s happening at DOOLEYS Lidcombe, just check out the events page on the website, or pick up the phone and chat with one of the many friendly staff members. You might also be interested in a club membership, which entitles you to discounts and there are also some great prizes to be won.

DOOLEYS is located right in the heart of Lidcombe and the club is in close proximity to train stations and other public transport. 

Everything you could ever hope for in a night of entertainment can all be found in the one great venue at DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club in Western Sydney. We’ll see you there!

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