Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Live Music Events in Sydney

live entertainment at dooleys
18 October 2019

If you love music, you should take every opportunity you can to see artists play their music live to an audience - nothing beats it! After all, who doesn’t remember the first ever concert they went to?


At DOOLEYS, we put an emphasis on live music and entertainment because we believe it’s important and should be enjoyed by people everywhere, including families of all ages.


Keep reading to find out why we think people all over Sydney should enjoy live music events, and why they should come to our live music club in western Sydney.


Sydney’s nightlife scene is dwindling


Over recent years, Sydney’s nightlife scene has suffered. The lockout laws have made it difficult for venues to stay open late, which means that club nights are rare and venues must find better ways to keep locals and visitors entertained. After all, what’s a party if you can’t dance?


As an alternative to club nights, pubs, bars, and social clubs are putting more emphasis on hosting live music events to draw crowds. Music is lively, social and creates a great atmosphere for people. Plus, a love of similar music brings people together and gets people talking.


DOOLEYS is one of the best live music venues in Western Sydney, so why not check it out?


Support local artists


Another reason to make the most of live music events is because it’s important to support local musicians. In today’s age, it’s harder than ever before to make a living as an artist because there is so much free music available. This means that artists must work hard to compete in a saturated market, and one of the best ways to get their music heard is to perform at local venues and get their name out there. Performing to a supportive audience is the most rewarding thing a musician can see.


What’s more, playing to a live audience often pays an artist more money than they make off selling their recordings alone, so if you love music you should support upcoming artists as much as possible by attending live music events.


Who knows, you may even discover your new favourite musician?


Witness the authenticity


Another reason to make the most of live music events in Western Sydney is that it gives you a fresh perspective on music. So often we listen to music through machines like smartphones, televisions, and radios, but in doing that we lose authenticity.


When you watch music performed live you can see and feel the work and passion that goes into it; it’s almost palpable. You can see the energy, the craftsmanship, the sweat, and you can feel the beat run through you, which is an exhilarating feeling. It’s also refreshing to watch musicians play in real life instead of through our phone screens. In fact, the experience is entirely different.


So, if there’s an opportunity to see music live, you should take it, even if the genre isn’t your preferred choice.


Live music is fun for all the family

Going to see live music is a way to create special memories with your family and friends. People of all ages can enjoy and appreciate music, and live music sparks so much joy - especially when it’s music you can dance to! When you immerse yourself in live music with your whole family by your side you will have a night to remember.


Keep the music alive by bringing your friends and family to the next live music event at DOOLEYS, your live music club in Western Sydney. You won’t regret it!

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