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Social Clubs: A Community Essential in Modern Times

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18 January 2021

Social clubs have become a community essential in modern times. There are many different types of social clubs, catering to all interest groups and age groups, as well as social clubs focused on hospitality and entertainment.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at social clubs and their many benefits, why you might want to consider joining one and how social clubs bring groups of like-minded people together.
What Is a Social Club?

“Social” is the key word when it comes to social clubs, as any club classed as a social club will bring a group of people together to experience a shared activity. Rather than always doing something on your own, with your partner, or a friend or two, you get to indulge your passion or interest with many other people at the same time.

Social clubs may always meet at a particular location, such as a tennis social club, or they could be clubs that see people visiting various destinations, such as a travel social club or camera club.

Most of the time a social club requires a membership, but this is not always the case.

Let’s now take a look at some different types of social clubs.

Examples Of Social Clubs

To list every single, possible social club that exists and to go into detail could literally fill a book. In fact, any hobby, sport or interest you can think of, there’s likely a social club for it somewhere in the world.

Australia is home to a vast variety of social clubs. In this section we’ll take a quick look at some of the more common ones.

Social clubs for singles are one of the most popular clubs in the country. They cater to various age groups, so singles in that age bracket can all get together and enjoy some fun times without feeling awkward meeting people. These types of organised single’s groups make breaking the ice much easier, and without pressure. At the very least, single’s get to have some fun, even if they don’t meet their perfect partner.

Entertainment social clubs are another very popular type of club in Australia. Generally speaking, these clubs offer fantastic casual dining experiences, bars, live entertainment, as well as access to joining other types of social groups. Not only will you always have a venue to go to for entertainment, these clubs are a gateway to other social opportunities.

Social clubs catering to various hobbies are also super popular in many parts of the country. These could include things like woodworking, remote control planes, model building, painting, drawing, photography, music appreciation, book clubs, computer gaming and so many more activities. Often, indulging in a hobby can be a rather solitary affair, so joining an organised group is one way of making that activity a lot more social and fun.

Australians have always had a love affair with sport, whether it be following a particular sport or playing a sport. Not everyone wants to play professionally, so sporting social clubs offer an opportunity to indulge your sporting passion and enjoy some competition, without the need for getting super serious about it. Some popular sporting social clubs include tennis, lawn bowls, table tennis, billiards, cricket, badminton, to name just a few.

Professional social clubs allow circles of people involved in a particular profession to come together and share ideas, goals, skills and knowledge. Other types of clubs in this area might be things like entrepreneur clubs, or clubs catering to people hoping to get started in business or a particular career and need the support of their peers to achieve their ambitions.

The Benefits Of Joining a Social Club

There are many benefits to be gained by joining a social club in your community. What advantages you’ll receive depend on what type of social club it is, but one benefit that’s common to all social clubs is making new friends and acquaintances.

No matter what group you join, you’ll be mixing with other people who share the same interests or passions as you do. This common ground leads to forging new and lasting friendships. Once you become a member of an interest group, it’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities and most likely improve your social life in other areas as well.

In normal social circumstances you might end up interacting with people that you’ll never see or hear from again, but a social club helps to form lasting bonds and build friendships that could last for years.

If you join a social club that’s focused on a sport, fitness, gym, or even a walking club, not only do you get to socialise with other people, you’ll get fit in the process. Working on your health and fitness all alone can get very boring and even discouraging. The added benefit of becoming a member of one of these clubs is you can all motivate one another to achieve higher levels of fitness, or improve your game if you’re playing a sport.

At times life can get rather stale and boring, particularly if all your friends are unavailable due to other commitments. Rather than having to spend time alone, if you’re a member of one or more social clubs, you have a ready-made group of friends to go and hang out with, doing something you already love to do. Social clubs give you options so you’re not stuck at home all by yourself.

With so many different social clubs to choose from, you’ll discover that clubs are holding activities on most days or nights of the week, depending on the club. If you’re really keen to fill your days and evenings with social activities, you could join multiple clubs and always have options for something to do. Life will never be dull and boring as entertainment and getting together with friends is easy when you join different social groups.

If business or entrepreneurship is your passion, this could lead to forming business partnerships, or at least coming up with some good ideas. Another point to note about any form of social club, is if you’re in the market for a job, you’ll be networking with many different people who may be able to help you out.

If you’re a shy person by nature or lack a little self-confidence, then participating in a social club could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You’ll discover that people in these groups are very friendly and accommodating, so you’ll feel at ease and right at home in no time. Having a shared interest helps break the ice and gives you something to talk about that you know and love. There’s nothing quite like interacting with other people who share your passion to overcome shyness or self-doubt.

For those who like to dine out, drink, party and be entertained, then entertainment social clubs offer everything you need to have a great night out with friends or family, or to celebrate a special occasion. Social clubs in the hospitality and entertainment industry guarantee fun times for all involved.

Social Clubs Bring Communities Together

In a high-tech world where everybody seems to have their eyes and attention glued to the screens of smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, social clubs offer a real-world outlet where people get away from technology and focus on other things that are either important in life, or will enrich a person’s life far more than checking social media.

Social clubs also offer an avenue to bring communities together, get people socialising again in real life and encourage people to interact face to face, rather than screen to screen.

There are even social clubs and groups that really focus on enriching the local community, such as groups that perform voluntary community service work, local tree planting, clean-up groups that tidy up the neighbourhood, parks, beaches and more.

Local communities need a variety of social clubs to bring the community together and make it strong. Therefore, a community that lacks organised social activity is really missing out on something special.

DOOLEYS Social Clubs Sydney

If you’re looking for a social club in Sydney that has loads of options, with one of the best entertainment and social clubs being DOOLEYS, a Lidcombe social club. DOOLEYS also has clubs in other key locations, including Silverwater and Regents Park.

Our clubs offer a variety of excellent dining experiences, bar areas to kick back with a drink, poker machines and live entertainment. For a complete fun night out, DOOLEYS has got you covered. We also cater to events and special occasions. We can even offer you memberships to other fun social clubs in the area to indulge your favourite sport, hobby or past-time. DOOLEYS social clubs offer a whole network of various socialising opportunities.

Sydney’s West is the place to be for fun and entertainment, so get in touch with the friendly staff at DOOLEYS today. We’ll answer any questions you may have and look forward to seeing you there.

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