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Why Then & Now Musical Memories Is the Best Show for Music Lovers

Why Then & Now Musical Memories Is the Best Show for Music Lovers
23 June 2022

DOOLEYS Lidcombe is always hosting some great events and live entertainment and on Saturday 27 August, members and guests will be treated to an exciting live show called “Then and Now Musical Memories”.

This is an event you won’t want to miss as it’s one of the best musical shows in Western Sydney.

The doors open at 10.00 am sharp, with the show commencing at 10.30 am and running through to 12.00 pm. For an hour and a half, the audience will be treated to one of the best Musical Memories shows, featuring live music and spectacular dancing.

What Makes This Show So Memorable and a Must-See Event?

A Filipino Australian, Brian Lorenz is a multi award-winning singer and entertainer and is also known for his talents as a dancer. He won the Rising Star Award Australian Entertainment Awards in 2014 and has seen his career go on to greater heights since then.

One of Brian’s unique talents is having the ability to sing songs in 4 different languages, including English, Spanish, Filipino and Italian. Such an eclectic mix results in a show that’s both unique and awe-inspiring on every level. He can sing and perform anything from musical theatre, to pop and opera.

Brian Lorenz will be fronting the Then and Now Musical Memories live show and will be accompanied by his dancers and a live band. The show will feature popular songs from music industry legends such as Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Sammy Davis Junior, Frank Sinatra and loads more.

This is not merely a singing event but a full stage spectacular as Brian sings and entertains, the band plays and the dance crew perform incredible moves to the beat and emotion of the music. The audience will be thoroughly entertained for the duration of the show, so you won’t want to miss out.

Do You Need To Book and Reserve Your Place?

To ensure your place on the day, it’s wise to make a booking ahead of time, as the Then and Now Musical Memories performance is sure to sell out. The price of tickets is just $15 for members and $20 for guests.

If you have some free time on Saturday morning 27 August, then book in for this spectacular and memorable live show at DOOLEYS Lidcombe.

More Musical Memories At DOOLEYS Lidcombe

The performance of Brian Lorenz and co in late August is not the only time of the year where you can treat your ears to some awesome singing and feast your eyes on visual entertainment. Christmas In July is another Musical Memories event you can catch at DOOLEYS Lidcombe. The performance takes place on Saturday 23 July at 10.30 am and also runs for an hour and a half.

Christmas In July will be hosted by Lonnie Lee, a true pioneer of Australian rockabilly music. He is also renowned for being the country’s very first pop music icon back in the day. With 6 quality albums and a number of singles already under his belt, Lonnie Lee is widely regarded as a musical powerhouse, gifted with a voice and talent that will blow you away.

The show is broad in musical scope and will offer audiences an insight into the history of the Australian music industry as well as the life of Lonnie Lee himself. By the end of the performance, you will have been treated to a memorable musical and stage performance, as well as having a few laughs along the way. Once again, the Christmas In July live show is sure to be just as popular as the Now and Then performance by Brian Lorenz, so be sure to book your spot on the day to avoid disappointment.

Visit DOOLEYS Lidcombe for Fun and Entertainment

DOOLEYS Lidcombe is your local hot spot in Sydney’s West for fun and entertainment. Come in and enjoy a meal at one of our casual dining restaurants any day of the week, then kick back in the social club and down some of your favourite beverages. There is always something happening, so check out our website or get in touch by phone to learn what’s happening at DOOLEYS Lidcombe any day or night of the week and weekend.

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